Around Home Around Home My first crossbow buck Big 10 point that didn't get away! 190589866 My new buggy Hope to be using this machine this fall in the hill country? 190589867 Learning how to fly Learning the in's and out's of flying a quad copter and not my airplane. 190589868 My new gal This is Molly at 16 months old and ready to take on the world like she is a pit bull. 190589869 Many years ago Many years ago just when I was ready to come home from a far away land. Many of my friends didn't make the trip on their own power like I did. 190589870 Back yard at home Had my plane since 86 and with the cost of fuel now I think it's time for it to go. 190606043 Teaching Molly to read! Jean is teaching Molly to read and cooking comes next as long as it don't taste like dog food. 190618005