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Posted by Bill Hower on February 22, 2014 at 4:10 AM Comments comments (0)

Many P2V owners seem to be having difficulty in calibrating the compass mechanism on their P2V. We found many parts of the user maual to be innacurate, and incomplete in decribing the pre-flight and set up procedures. We have discovered a quick, easy, and accurate way to get your quad calibrated without man handling it, and causing damage to the camera or wires. Here's how.


1. Turn on the controller, the repeater, then turn on the P2V.

2. Flip the Right toggle switch (sw 1) fully down and back up 8 times quickly. You should see the lights go to a solid amber color.

3. Place the Phantom 2V over your head and turn slowly clockwise 360 degrees. You will see the lights switch to green.

4. Now tip the front of the P2V down 90 degrees and turn clockwise slowly again 360 degrees. The lights will go back to amber. 

The Compass Calibration is now complete.

Be sure to get a satellite lock (Green Lights) before lifting of. If you fail to do this, your Phantom will not know where home is, and may fly away in cofusion if it goes into fail safe.

If you have any difficulty in performing the calibration, just contact us by responding here or on the home page, and we will clarify.