BigSky HeliShots


Since day 1 of owning the P2V, we have been haunted with the thought of losing it in a fly away situation or malfunction, or loss of control. This is happening on a daily basis from user error or system malfunctions.



We've heard stories of people losing the P2V and never getting them back. The "Find My Phantom" feature has not been very successful in recovering the m

This 1.3" X 4" sticker applied to the bottom of your Phantom gives the honest person the opportunity to return your Phantom, and gain a reward. At the same time it will make the "Not So Honest" think twice about selling it or keeping it for their own. 

Most finders would think this is a Government Drone and call immediately, but the sticker does not imply that.



Stickers Are Thin Vinyl, very flexible, and they will stick tightly on the Phantom, while still being removable.


At the bottom of the checkout  in 

"Notes To Seller" Enter the Phone Number you want on the sticker. 

   1 Page - 14 Stickers  -  1 1/3" X 4" Each Sticker

Main Pilot David

with Son Zack

We purchased the P2V with the concept of offering customers the aerial Photos and Video at a greatly reduced cost. The Imagery is stunning and a great selling tool for them. Once you see  the Aerial 360 Degree Fly Arounds on the Real Estate, you will never be happy with ground shots.

The P2V Air Time is far less expensive than a full sized helicopter, easier to schedule, and now we provide HD 1080p Video and 14 Megapixel Still Shots. 

The 14 Megapixel Photos and HD Video we provide will be head turners on TV Channels and Internet Sites. 

We have a very experienced Photo / Video Editor on board to turn your photos and video into a very impressive presentation. 

We have a large collection of Soundtracks to blend in with the Imagery to make it even more appealing.

We will be posting sample videos on this site as we gather footage, so watch for it in the near future.

Our Main Pilot, David (FlyBoy) will be doing most of the video and Photo Flying and capturing. David's son Zack will be joining David in the camera crew in a few years.

David is awesome on the controls, and you'll be amazed at his flying skills and the shots he gets ....... He can fly circles around the subject while keeping the camera perfectly trained on the subject.

He can also park at a point in the sky and take perfectly composed still shots from any angle.

Send us a message and we'll respond the same day if possible.